15 Best Nike Running Shoes

Whether you’re a Nike Newbie or a seasoned ‘Niker’, this article unveils some of the best-selling, most-loved and highly reviewed trainers the brand offers in 2016. When the time has come to replace the old with the new, the worn with the fresh, there are certain things that will be higher up the priority list….

7 Ways to Recover From Your Run

The recovery process is an important part of being a runner. It is something we all must go through, yet can be frustrated at the amount of time it takes to heal. Fear no further the struggle of recovery, because there are several ways in which you can heal faster than you ever have before….

How to Properly Hydrate for Summer Running

Hydration, or too little of it, is an important yet overlooked aspect of running. Yet, it becomes absolutely essential to keeping healthy and staying on track, especially during the summer months. My experience running in tropical environments When the heat hits and sweat drips, we can be surprised how much water we lose. I’ve been…

12 Best Bluetooth Earbuds for running

Without music, running would be a whole lot harder for most of us. The beat-driven tunes that power us through workouts give us the surge we need to reach our goals. This article features some of the best new releases in Bluetooth running headphones on the market. When it comes to running headphones, you need…

Top 10 Half Marathon Training Plan

Whether you’re only just beginning to run or find yourself frequently crossing the finish line, all runners know that the key to running a marathon safely and to the best of their ability is to train properly beforehand. Running 21.1km for the first time or even for the fifth time can seem pretty daunting, and…