12 Best Bluetooth Earbuds for running

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Without music, running would be a whole lot harder for most of us. The beat-driven tunes that power us through workouts give us the surge we need to reach our goals. This article features some of the best new releases in Bluetooth running headphones on the market.

When it comes to running headphones, you need something that can weather the harsh conditions of the outdoors without compromising on sound quality. The main factors we are considering in our review list are:

  • Durability
  • How well they fit
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Waterproofing

Even though the design is an important, especially when looking at a secure fit, a runner’s set of headphones aren’t so much a fashion item. They are going to be getting sweaty, rained on, chucked in gym bags and more. So you need something that is made to last through multiple miles on various terrains.

Here are some of the best we think are out there for 2016:


  1. Jlab Epic Sport 2 Headphones


These sturdy sets of headphones are not only built for the job but are lightweight too. With 8 different pairs of gel tips, you can guarantee there’s a perfect fit for your individual shape. The Jlab Epic Sport come equipped with adjustable wires, a secure fit along with deep bass for a crisp sound you’ll love running to.

With easy pairing to both android and iPhones, you can control the volume and tracks via cable control. The Jlab also aren’t called epic without good cause. Their 12 hour battery life gives you ultimate power through multiple runs so you don’t have to run the risk of a flat battery mid-run. Not to mention the waterproof design leaves you in the safe-zone for rainy days!

  1. Plantronics Backbeat Fit (Bluetooth headset)


This option is slightly more affordable then the Jlab whilst still being highly comfortable and convenient. If you are searching for an over-the-ear design that locks on securely, this is perfect. Another plus about the Plantronics is that the thick cable never tangles unlike its competitors. Even though the bass isn’t as deep, you still get a good sound for your favorite running playlist.

One thing that sets this model apart however is how the design lets noise into the ear canal which is ideal for outdoor running. Staying safe is top priority for road runners especially so this nifty feature could be a deal breaker. Not to mention remote control built into the ear buds for easy control on the go. Being highly sensitive however, it may take some getting used to!

  1. Apple AirPods wireless headphones – Brand New


Coming in a small case that charges on the go, this snazzy set of wireless headphones come with the latest Apple technology. You get two Bluetooth headphones, none of which are attached with the chord and can be paired with non-Apple devices too.

The headset is mainly operated through Siri who you can ask to do practically anything from altering volume to ending phone calls. Audio quality is decent and they are much louder than other sports headphones so may not be wise for road runners. However, may be great for blocking out the awful music at the gym!

You’ll also find two small sensors that touch your ears, enabling you to control playback and pause the audio.

  1. Pioneer SE-E721


The pioneer headphones are awesome for runners with its robust, comfortable design that clamps onto the ears. They are also more affordable than higher-end sport headphones without compromising on a bassy audio.

Coming in a variety of colors and four ear tips of different sizes, you can personalize your Pioneers to suit you. The ‘Active Fit’ earbud nozzle helps fit neatly into your ear and the ‘Skull Fit’ keeps them in place during a run.

  1. Sennheiser PMX 6851 Sports headphones


With a lightweight, non-evasive design and durable neckband, runners get enhanced sound quality which fits comfortably in-ear. When running they remain fairly concealed and don’t budge with its sturdy yet flexible neckband.

Not only are they highly practical but they are known to supersede competing brands on the audio front too. Supplying your ears with 120 dBs of audio, your songs will sound rich in sound even though the bass is not as strong.

  1. Jebra Sport Pulse Wireless headphones


Great for both Android and Apple, these are higher on the price scale but have features to match. Coming with outstanding heart-rate monitoring, you have in-ear tech that tracks biometric data and no additional accessories are needed. If you’re serious about improving your stats, the Jebra Sport Pulse is a must-have.

With comfortable ear buds and a compact cable, the headset is secure and comes with only four hours battery life. Listen to your songs in rich quality with a bassy audio to give you the best soundtrack for your runs.

  1. Monster Adidas Sport Adistar wireless headphones


This thoughtfully crafted set of headphones is noise-isolating so you don’t have to jam it into your ears to experience a fuller sound. Perfect for running, they are sweat proof but due to the noise isolation you will need to be vigilant on the roads!

Strong bass and reasonable clarity accompany the Monster Adidas Sport but distortion kicks in when higher volumes or more complex songs are played. With a reliable battery life, you can recharge conveniently in the USB port which is in the in-line remote.

  1. Erato Apollo 7


Slightly newer to the market and therefore lesser known, Taiwanese start-up Erato are giving Apple a run for their money with this set of Bluetooth headphones. Also known as the industry’s first ‘micro-driver, waterproof and true in-ear set of ear buds’, they’re compact and ready for pre-ordering.

The connection between the buds and your phone are solid even without the chords. Once paired you will have no issues again even on your next runs. With reasonable clarity and decent bass, you can experience a good sound quality no matter which environment you’re in. Coming with accessories to help you lock the buds securely in place, you shouldn’t have to think twice about them when on a run.

9.     Gibson Trainer Ti100


These comfy and light-weight Bluetooth earphones are a great choice for the runner who wants to stay visible at night with their flashing back-light. Alongside normal track-skipping functions, you also have different options for ear-tips to ensure they remain secure during your run.

Additionally, you can use the hooked style for even more security in motion without them becoming intrusive. With a stylish design to top it off, the Ti100 remains a great choice for serious runners who want convenience, comfort and quality.

10.  Aftershokz Trekz Titanium


A great selling point on the Aftershokz is that they are non-evasive and feel comfortable whilst in ear. This also gives runners the advantage of some road noise leaking through to remain alert for any traffic. The unique ‘bone conduction’ feature means audio gets transmitted via your cheekbone to your inner ear thanks to the heads next to the ear. With the ‘bone conduction’ tech, you can turn up the volume without running the risk of ruining your hearing.

Due to its titanium material, you also get increased durability and strength which makes it the perfect long-term option. The only downside is some bass is lost in the process but the audio quality is still more than enough for beat-driven tracks.

Another convenient aspect of the Aftershoks is in its flexibility. It folds away neatly to scrunch up in the smallest pocket then springs back to life when taken out!

11.Bose Soundsport


Bose are pulling out the stops for their latest pair of sporty earphones. Coming in three sizes the earbuds come covered with a hydrophobic sweat-repellant material. The design also allows for optimal audio quality and its in-line mic makes it convenient to make calls and switch tracks.

Coming in two different models, one for android and the other iPhone, the Soundsport has a sharp and punchy sound so you can keep the music pumping during your run.

  1. Sony MDR-AS600BTB


This affordable set of Bluetooth wireless headphones supplies comfort and style in one compact design. With a long battery life of 8.5 hours after being charged once, the headset can keep going for longer distance runs. Being waterproof too is great if the heavens do decide to open whilst you’re out! The NFC function allows you to pair with one simple touch and off you go!

Now you’ve had a glimpse into some of the top Bluetooth ear buds for runners, you can select something that suits your preferences. Keep the beat going with all the features you require to make your runs even more

Melissa Hudson

Melissa Hudson