12 Best Places to Buy Running Shoes

12 Best Places to Buy Running Shoes
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Having trouble buying your next pair of running shoes?

We got you covered with a complete list of the best places to find the shoe your feet have been searching for. Buying running shoes online can be tricky so we decided to take on the challenge in this article.

Whether you are on the hunt for the same brand of shoe you had before, or are starting from scratch, these are the top best places to look for the perfect pair of shoes that will take you to the next level of running.

1. Your Local Running Store

The first place you should look when searching for a new pair of running shoes, is your local running store. Expert knowledge on the best shoe for you can only be discovered in person with someone who can point you in the right direction.

The last thing you want to do is run in the wrong kind of shoe, so be sure to consult with your local running store experts before shopping online for a new pair of shoes.

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If you already know what kind of shoe works for you, then continue your search with the suggestions below. Or you can check out Runner's World Shoefinder for online suggestions.

2. Buy Running Shoes Online at Shoekicker

Shoekicker is a time saver, and a life saver. The site allows you to search for your running shoe of choice and find where to purchase it online. You can even take a brief survey, which provides shoe suggestions based on your running style.

With a list created of the best and cheapest options for the shoe of your specification, Shoekicker will help you find the pair of shoes that have your running dreams coming to life.

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Shoekicker is user friendly and was created to find the best inventory the internet has to offer. Which means you can spend less time searching for your shoes online, and more time breaking them in.

3. Amazon

Amazon is connected all over the world and provides information on the best prices for running shoes. With endless possibilities in what kind of shoe you can buy, Amazon is a great option when looking generally, or even more specifically.

If you can handle how many options are available, then Amazon is a great place to search for the shoe that fits in just the way you need. Peruse options for brands and types of shoes with top seller suggestions. You can even see what other customers have purchased in similarity to your search.

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Free shipping on most orders if you have Amazon Prime Membership.

4. Running Warehouse

Running Warehouse is the ultimate site for finding the shoe you have been looking for. You can compare models with key differences within each brand. Each shoe is well sorted under different categories that give you breadth of options.

Whether you are looking for running shoes with more motion control, or are simply looking for the best deal, Running Warehouse has expert knowledge and reviews to help you find the shoe that will assist in achieving your best race.

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Running Warehouse also features a Learning Center, where you can send in a video to have experts measure your gait. They also include informative how-to videos, buying guides, and expert advice for you to be a healthy and well-educated runner.

5. Road Runner Sports

Road Runner Sports claim to fame is being the “World's Largest Running and Walking Store”. They have your feet in mind as you search for a shoe that works with your running style. Fit Experts provide videos with most of the shoes to explain the fit, technology, and benefit of buying a specific shoe.

Fill out their brief questionnaire to find the perfect running shoe. With all the top brands available at great prices (including a sale section), Road Runner Sports provides you with expertise about running shoes that will have you purchasing your new pair of shoes with confidence.

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Road Runner connects with Fundly, so you can run miles while supporting your charity of choice. It will have your heart warming with every step as you run your best mile for the benefit of others.

6. Foot Locker

Foot Locker provides running shoes with the latest technology, and has an array of brands, styles, and sizes available. With stores across the globe, you can order online or look for a store nearest you.

They have community in mind, so you can make a socially conscious purchase knowing that you are helping provide scholarships for future generations of athletes in academics.

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Shop in the outlet section for great deals on new and older models of running shoes.

7. Zappos

Zappos began their vision with the desire to provide a one stop experience to find a pair of shoes. They have since expanded to other forms of apparel, but still remain a strong contender for finding great deals.

If you are on a budget, Zappos is the site for you to find the running shoe of your choice at a reasonable price. Reviews by customers can help narrow your choices and compare user experiences with each brand and model of shoe.


Search by athletic shoes to find the brand, model, and color you are looking for.

8. Shoebuy

Shoebuy offers shoes at an incredibly low price. The color options are more limited, but the site does include a sale section that makes running shoes affordable if you are on a tight budget.

Sizes vary in availability for shoes, but each shoe displayed gives customer reviews that include size comfortability, width, and arch support ratings.


Shoebuy features The ShoeSmartLibrary, which gives you access to knowledge about how to keep your feet healthy.

9. OnlineShoes

OnlineShoes has an expert team who are shoe savvy and focused on giving you the best shoes available. You can shop specifically by lifestyle, width, size, and specialty shoes. Narrow your search by checking categories on the sidebar for brand, color, personality, material, support style, and price range.

If you are wavering on what kind of shoe to get, the specific categories should help you choose what you need in a running shoe.


If you have trouble finding wide or narrow sizes for your running shoes, you can rest at ease because they have a tab specifically to help you find the right fit.

10. Trisports

If you are training to be in a Triathlon, Trisports may be the place to look for versatile running shoes. The site also provides comparison options. If you are teetering between options, you can quickly compare shoes you are considering to see the features each one has.

You can narrow your decision through sorting by category, color, size, and brand. They also include Trisports University, which provides informative articles, reviews, and insider knowledge for you to maximize your running capability.


Trisports operates with sustainability in mind and partners with a local charity to reuse old shoes for a greater purpose in communities. Once you purchase your new pair of shoes, consider donating your old ones.

11. Wiggle

Wiggle was built by Triathlon enthusiasts, but features expert knowledge in running shoes. With a list of best seller shoes and the latest in footwear, you will be amazed by the low prices and sales.

Shop by what kind of shoe you are looking for and then specify by brand or model of shoe. They offer stability and cushioned shoes, as well as shoes made specifically for races or trail running. Pair it with a matching top from the same company, and you will be flying by the competition.

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Wiggle includes buying, running, and training guides for you to be more informed about your purchase.

12. Shop Brand Specific

If you are more comfortable with a certain brand, shop specifically on their site. Shoe brands such as New Balance, Brooks, and Asics cater to feet of all shapes and sizes. If you find a shoe you specifically like, then look through the brand site to discover options that may be similar to what you have worn before.

Brand sites will show you specifically the features, reviews, and may even offer deals on older models.


If you are a brand loyalist, then you may want to shop more brand specific.


Happy searching!

With the right pair of shoes, your running capabilities are endless.

Bethany Widdicombe

Bethany Widdicombe

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  1. Or buy all of your shoes at your local running specialty store, and support the businesses that support your local running community. Have you ever seen shoe kicker or amazon at your local 5k? If everyone uses running stores to find the right shoe then buys them online, stores will go out of business. Good luck having a website help you find your next shoe

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