25 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

25 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet
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Got Wide feet? No problem.

We have crafted the ultimate list for you to expand your options for discovering a world of comfort, stability, and to increase your running power.

Having wide feet can cause painful outcomes when wearing the wrong kind of shoes. Wide running shoes are actually easy to identify, look out for a wide toe box.

You may be settling for something that just works, but we dare you to look again.

Wide Running Shoes

wide running shoes

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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  • Our rating:
  • Arch support: Stability
  • Weight M: 326g | W: 261g
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Heel To Toe Drop M: 10mm | W: 13mm
  • Terrain: Best for road, track and light gravel
  • Our rating:
  • Arch support: Best for flat feet
  • Weight M: 383g | W: 337g
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Heel To Toe Drop M: 12mm | W: 12mm
  • Terrain: Best for road, track and light gravel
  • Our rating:
  • Arch support: Neutral
  • Weight M: 294g | W: 247g
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Heel To Toe Drop M: 8mm | W: 8mm
  • Terrain: Best for road, track and light gravel

Asics Gel Kayano 23

With raving reviews from wide feet around the globe, Asics Gel Kayano 23 is perfect for comfort and excellent performance. Glide with ease even as a overpronator and welcome a new way of running with shoes that fit right.


Click here to see men's version and here for women.

Weight: 8.9 oz (Womens)/ 10.9 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

2. Brooks Addiction 12 – For Running Shoes For Wide Feet

A smooth transition from heel to toe provides glide capabilities across miles of terrain. Made with eco-friendly material, Brooks Addiction 12 is made for high performance and comes in width sizes from Normal to Extra Wide 4E. Built with shock absorbers on the bottom, this shoe provides ample support for any foot that needs a little extra comfort to make it one more mile.

wide running shoes

Weight: 11.8oz (Womens)/ 13.5 oz(Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

Generously engineered with comfort in mind, the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 provides extreme comfort and support for wide feet. The stability of the shoe gives support in the knees and through the hips. Ortholite® foam inserts also provide long term comfort, breathability, and fights foot odor.

wide running shoes

Available in a variety of vibrant colors for both men and women.

Weight: 8.7 oz (Womens)/ 10.4 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 8 mm.

4. Brooks Ghost 8

With adaptive cushioning this shoe is ready to conquer any terrain. Omega Flex grooves provide extra flexibility and comfort to help you function better in your shoes. New upper mesh provides breathability that help you stay cool and dry in any climate.

Brooks 8

Available in wide sizes for both men and women

Weight 8.8 oz (Womens)/ 10.3 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

5. Asics Gel Foundation 12

Formed for overpronated to severe pronated feet, Asics Gel Foundation 12 is constructed for stability and durability for any runner who needs that extra push. With raving reviews from people who had foot pain from wearing the wrong shoes, the Guidance Line®, Trusstic System®, and Speva Midsole Material® helps retain structure and balance for your running style.

Asics Gel Foundation 12-2

Carefully crafted for men and women.

Weight 10.2 oz (Womens)/ 12.2 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

6. Brooks Dyad 8

A unique fit with adjustable saddle construction that pairs with a BioMoGo DNA Midsole, which provides cushioned feet for you to conquer more miles than you thought possible. It is a heavier shoe, but has Omega Flex Grooves that help you move with flexibility in every stride.

Brooks Dyad 8

Width ranges from normal to Extra Wide 4E and D for men and women.

Weight 10.5 oz (Womens)/12.6 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 10 mm.

Asics GT-2000 4

Rearfront and Forefront Gel® cushioning provides for maximum comfort that helps you glide across any surface. Designed for neutral or overpronation footing, Asics GT 2000 4 paves the way for gender specific cushioning and advanced technology to help you achieve your greatest race.


Comes in various colors for men and women to fit any running style.

Weight 8.4 oz (Womens)/ 10.7 oz (Mens) . Midsole Drop 11 mm.

8. New Balance 860 V6

Test your limits with the flexibility of New Balance 860 V6. With innovative technology in stability and control, this shoe can help you regain balance in your run. Cruise with Ortholite® insole that adds luxury and comfort for wide feet.

NB 860 V6

Styled for the comfort of any man or woman

Weight 8.7 oz (Womens)/ 10.2 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 10 mm.

9. Brooks Ravenna 7

Brooks Ravenna 7 provides ultimate comfort for those with flat or medium arches. Ideal for pavement running, this shoe has Omega Flex Grooves that give flexibility with a tight saddle to keep your foot in place. With breathable mesh, this shoe can take you across the finish line with ease.

Brooks Ravenna 7

An array of vibrant colors and wide width sizes available for men and women.

Weight 8.8 oz (Womens)/ 10.7 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 10 mm.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Engage your adrenaline with reliable support and a custom fit from Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16. With V-Groove underfoot, you can protect your knees and hips with a softer impact. Customer reviews show the capability of being on your feet for miles while achieving comfort along the way.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Wide sizes for both men and women.

Weight 9.2 0z (Womens)/ 11.1 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

11. Asics Gel Fortify

Designed for overpronation and severe overpronation, Asics Gel Fortify provides stability for those who need extra balance. Complete with ComforDry™ X-40 sockliner and new FluidRide® midsole, the shoe gives ultimate underfoot comfort for those extra long runs.

Asics Gel Fortify

Highly recommended for women with wide feet, but not as high in regard for men due to stiffness of material.

Weight 11.4 (Womens)/ 13. 7 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 11 mm (Womens)/ 12 mm (Mens).

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

Structurally sound, yet flexible in nature. Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 gives that gentle reassurance to conquer more miles than you ever thought possible. Be inspired by the soft touch across the ground as you feel the supportive nature of this shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

Inspired reviewers agree the supportive fit works for men and women

Weight 8.9 oz (Womens)/ 10.6 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

New Balance 1340 V2

Stay in Control with the New Balance 1340 V2. With superior motion control and comfort, you can achieve greater mileage with confidence. Proudly assembled in U.S.A. factories and accepted by Medicare, these shoes are great for peace of mind and stability in your run (as well as your wallet).

New Balance 1340 V2

Great for men and women who need a little more control in their run.

Weight 11.4 oz (Womens)/ 13.5 0z (Mens). Midsole Drop 10 mm.

Brooks Glycerin 14

Designed for comfort and endurance, Brooks Glycerin 14 gives ample cushioning for you to glide in comfort. Conquer the road, track, or trail for miles with traction. Great for endurance training or even just a stroll across town.

Brooks Glycerin 14

Designed with ultimate comfort for both men and women

Weight 9.2 oz (Womens)/ 10.6 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 10 mm.

Saucony Guide 9

Featuring EVERUN topsole technology, Saucony Guide 9 invites you to cross the finish line with confidence and style. Designed with your comfort in mind, each stride presses your foot into responsive cushioning that gives you comfortable stability.

Saucony Guide 9

Created with a wide foot option for men and women.

Weight 8.2 oz (Womens)/ 9.7 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 7.6 mm.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Ideal for neutral runners, Mizuno Wave Rider 19 pays acute attention to shock absorption to help your knees with a softer impact. Reviewers who suffer from foot pain recommend it to ease potential discomfort in your running stride. With new rebound technology, you can achieve greater miles with more strength.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Designed for the comfort of both men and women

Weight 8.1 oz (Womens)/ 9.6 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

Asics Gel Nimbus 17

Designed for underpronation or neutral running styles, Asics Gel Nimbus 17 helps decrease the risk of injury, and provides you with better control during your run. With increased comfort and efficiency for running, you can build up to your best run yet.


Vibrant colors available for both men and women

Weight 8.8 oz (Womens)/ 10.8 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm (Womens)/ 13 mm (Mens).

Asics Gel-Cumulus 18

If you can handle the crazy colors, wide sizes are available for men and women. Crafted for neutral pronation, Asics Gel-Cumulus 18 will have you feeling amongst the clouds during your run. I.G.S.® (Impact Guiding System) technology gives a natural progression for heel to toe movement, while discrete eyelets distribute lace tension for better support and comfort.


Weight: 9.6 oz (Womens)/ 11.1 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 13 mm.

New Balance M940 V2


Be challenged to run a little bit longer with increased comfort and stability. With N2 heel cushioning, your foot will gently touch the ground with confidence in each stride.

NB 940 V2

Models designed for both men and women

Weight 11.2 oz (Womens)/ 11.9 0z (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2

Do you have a need for speed? Zip past the competition with the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V2. Created to be lightweight and fast, you can achieve a new personal record with shoes that fit right. With supportive mesh and a sock-like fit, these pair of shoes are your ticket to first place.

NB Fresh Foam Zante v2

Created for men and women alike.

Weight 7.2 oz (Womens)/ 8.6 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 6 mm.

Brooks Beast 14

The title means it, Brooks Beast 14 is a real beast. This shoe is built to withstand any impact or terrain. With supportive technology, you can achieve stability even on the rough trails. A smooth transition from heel to toe provides you opportunity to take on the challenge of your hardest trail.

Brooks Beast 14

Only available for men

Weight 13.8 oz. Midsole Drop 12 mm.

Asics GT 3000 4

Joining the Asics family, Asics GT 3000 4 is an ideal shoe for wide feet. Created for overpronation to severe pronation, this shoe can help prevent injury while increasing balance. Asics built it to be lightweight and spacious for breathability, which gives you opportunity to go that extra mile.

Asics gt 3000 4

Limited in coloring, but available for men and women

Weight 8.6 oz (Womens)/ 10.8 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 12 mm.

Altra Olympus 2.0 Wide Toe Box

Uniquely designed with a wide toe box, Altra Olympus gives space for your toes to breathe. Best used for trail running and achieving greater mileage on rough terrain. Keep your feet happy and healthy through the ups and downs of running through life.


Great for men and women

Weight 9.0 oz (Womens)/ 11.0 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 36 mm.

Topo Ultrafly

For those seeking a minimalist shoe, the Topo Ultrafly shoe provides low to the ground technology for a natural feel to running. Designed with 3-Piece midsole EVA for stability and guidance on long trails or paved roads.

Topo Ultrafly

Available for men and women in large sizes for wider feet.

Weight 7.9 oz (Womens)/ 9.2 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 5 mm.

Kuru Carrera

Created for those who suffer with foot pain, Kuru Carrera is a shoe designed to ease discomfort. Rather than creating wide sizes, Kuru already has wide feet in mind by crafting a running shoe that provides cushioned support that will have you ditching orthotics and discovering true comfort.

Kuru Carrera

Designed for both men and women.

Weight 11 oz (Womens)/ 12 oz (Mens). Midsole Drop 8 mm.

New Balance, Asics and Brooks are the most friendly brands for wide feet.

Comment below to share your experience with figuring out the best fit for you.

Bethany Widdicombe

Bethany Widdicombe

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  1. I have weird feet, I have a narrow heel and fat toes so a wide toebox is essential. I wear both Mizuno Wave Inspires and Altra Provision 2.5s. The Inspire 11s had a wider toebox so I’m not a fan of the 12s, I went up a half size in them and my toes still rub so I tried the Altras! Though the zero drop takes some getting used to I love their foot shaped toebox!

  2. Altras all the way. They dont get mentioned enough because their a smaller company.

  3. Not only are my feet wide, they are flat and I over pronate. My feet are widest near my ankle, which makes finding shoes difficult to find. I started in Mizuno Wave Inspires until the 10. I have gone through 2 pairs of Brooks GTS 15s and 2 pairs of GTS 16s. I love them!

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