Discarded Fishing Nets and Other Ocean Trash Repurposed Into Running Shoes

Discarded Fishing Nets and Other Ocean Trash Repurposed Into Running Shoes
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Do you want to help save the ocean?

Every minute there is a truckload of trash that barrels into the ocean and hinders sea life from expanding into a vibrant diversity. Awareness is simply not enough anymore, it is now time to take action. With the help and partnership of Parley For The Oceans, Adidas has created a shoe made entirely out of discarded fishing nets and other ocean trash.

The sleek design of the shoe is captivating runners around the globe. The environmentally conscious build of the shoe allows runners to engage in helping the ocean, as well as gives consumers peace of mind. The prototype released in 2016 was just the beginning. The new innovative design of the shoe is soon to be mass produced into a million pairs by the end of 2017.


From Threat to Thread

Adidas and Parley have turned the threat of plastic waste in the ocean into a purposeful thread that creates a dynamic running shoe. The original prototype was functional for wearing, but not up to the standards of Adidas high performance wear. With a few tweaks to the design and innovative technology, Adidas is now ready to release the shoe for consumer purchase across the globe. Adidas and Parley are saving the ocean, one shoe at a time.

Design and Material

Parley collects the material from small countries who are affected by marine pollution. The material is then washed and repurposed into material that is usable for Adidas. Designers use aerospace techniques to create precise sewing for zero waste of material. 95% of the material is made from Parley Ocean Plastic, while the other 5% of the material is made out of recycled polyester.

For every one million shoes made, there are over 11 million water bottles that protectors of the sea remove. It barely makes a dent in the 12 million tons of trash that exists in the ocean. However, it is a step in the right direction. It may just inspire other companies to be more environmentally conscious.


The shoe design is made with discarded fishing net that often comes from illegal poachers. The fishing nets are hard to clean, but designers soon figured out they could send the fishing nets through the wash cycle at the laundromat. The material is then broken down and made into a new teal thread, which is used for the main look of the shoe.

An organization known as Sea Shepherd keeps a close eye on those who seek profit over keeping the ocean healthy. The organization intends to hold poachers accountable for their crimes against the environment. In a recent endeavor, a Sea Shepherd vessel collected over 72km of illegal gillnets after chasing illegal poachers off the coast of Africa. Not only did they retrieve illegal gillnets, but they also saved the poachers from their ship that questionably sunk into the sea.


Adidas x Parley

Adidas claims, this is “the beginning of the end of ocean plastic”. Adidas x Parley is a huge step for the footwear industry and holds an innovative perspective in helping the environment. Adidas's goal is to avoid using virgin plastic in their products with the help of repurposed material provided by Parley. The repurposed material makes an environmental statement that consumers can make conscious purchasing decisions to save the ocean.

Before Adidas and Parley's partnership, Adidas was on the low end of being environmentally friendly. However, their growing partnership with Parley reveals their commitment to the environment. With active participation in helping save the ocean, every runner can make ec0-friendly consumer choices for a better world.

How You Can Help Save the Ocean

The first step to learn how to help save the ocean, is to educate yourself. Parley hosts talks about the ocean for the purpose of knowledge and action. Adidas's partnership with Parley is just the beginning of corporations needing to step up their business practices. When our environment is healthy, then we can be healthy. By educating yourself about what is happening in our oceans, you can make conscious decisions about your lifestyle.

Whether you have your eye set on Adidas's Ultra Boost Parley Uncaged Shoes, or simply want to help save our oceans, choose to be an active participant in making our world a better place. Check out Parley's site for more information on how to help save the ocean.


The more we can keep our earth clean, the healthier we can live.

Bethany Widdicombe

Bethany Widdicombe

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