7 Best Hydration Packs For Running

7 Best Hydration Packs For Running
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Looking for the perfect hydration pack?

Hydration packs are designed to help you stay hydrated with easy access to the fluids as you run. Hydration is extremely important for you as a runner. Here are the 7 best hydration packs for running. The key to healthy running is to keep yourself well fueled during those long runs, and the right way to do so is with the perfect gear.

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Here are the Best 7 hydration packs for Running. Updated for 2016

1. Camden Gear Hydration Pack

Camden Gear Hydration Pack is designed for efficiency and hydration. With adjustable shoulder and chest straps, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your body. Water resistant and durable material gives you the ability to run under any weather extreme with confidence. Well known for excellent customer service, Camden Gear provides a pack that has you in mind. Enjoy an easy jog to a long day of running with the pack that will keep you well hydrated during your training process.

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2. Camelbak Rogue

Camelbak Rogue has a sleek look with an easy open and close cap. With minimalism in mind, this pack has small pockets for only the essentials. Big Bite™ Valve gives you functionality as you run, while the PureFlow™ tube allows for you to drink water without having to stop. With full star reviews, the Camelbak Rogue gives you the motion you want during your workouts.

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3. Teton Sports Trailrunner 2.0

Teton Sports Trailrunner 2.0 is the definition of carrying water, but without the bulk. Wide mesh straps and a chest shock absorber decrease bounce, while the cushioned back with ventilation gives a cool breeze as you run. Complete with thumb adjustable loops to adjust straps, your choice of color, and a 70 ounce bladder. This pack will have you feeling confident on those long runs and welcoming a new day of greater mileage.

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4. Camelbak Hydrobak

Camelbak Hydrobak is created with economy in mind that will give you full range of motion. With the capacity to hold 1.5 litres, you will be well on your way to achieving your best personal record yet. Customers give high ratings and reviews, which shows the popularity and functionality of this pack. Camelbak Hydrobak is perfect for the minimalist runner who wants to achieve greater mileage with more hydration.

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5. Osprey Rev 18

Despite its rather bulky appearance, Osprey Rev 18 is well designed for long trail runs and easy to access media pockets. The Hydraulics™ LT reservoir decreases water sloshing for you to keep balance while you run. Complete with pockets for the body belt, harness, and side panels, you will be well prepared for anything that comes your way.


6. Salomon Agile 2 Set

Saloman Agile 2 Set is ideal for any active sport. MotionFit system gives balance and comfort to your run, with easily adjustable straps. The adjustable system of the pack eases pressure point areas around the sternum for increased breathing. EVA pads keep cushioned comfort for you to keep up your agility. With lightness in mind, you can run faster and more efficiently with this pack that will guide you through your run.

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7. Nathan HPL #020 2L Vest

Nathan HPL #020 2L Vest comes equipped with a 2 litre bladder, with 6 litres worth of capacity within the pack for storage. Designed more for the male torso (check out the intensity for the women's version), this pack holds snug, but with comfort. Wall mesh straps wick away moisture and provide breathability as you run. With an easily adjustable system, you will be feeling secure and comfortable as you run.

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Discover the right hydration pack that will guide you to more efficient and healthy running.

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